Ask me. I Dare You

Ask me. I dare you.

[But I forgot… ]

I soak color from the walls, brushing it into pictures, twisting it into wool afghans.

All these against leather sofas on wood floors.

Charged with sunlight from unveiled windows.

Smells of  home cooked food linger over an old sad body draped in beautiful clothing.

I walk every day, unless I dance wildly to whole-hearted red-blooded music.

Long tub baths go best with sweet-smelling oil.

And books.

Meaningful conversations with loved ones emanate laughter, tears and hugs.

A house full of children, music, and dance…  where all join in.

[can you hear it?]

And the first one to get there…




The sky.

Cool dark black

I wander quietly

Alone. Bare feet

Unafraid of any.

I journey out

surprised at

deep stillness.

Shining stars.

Warm feet

invade hard ground

Answers back in

coldly burnt soles.

Hearth burning deep in

Radiantly warms, soulfully

permeates walls.

Windows bring comfort

thoughtful memory.

Laughter filling,

eating, drinking

embracing, tickling,

singing, and loving


Tattooed inside

me. Speak to me

who I am.

Bring me